KLS - Know it. live it. share it.


At Greenville First, our desire is that we become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. But how can we follow God if we don’t know Him . . . His character . . . His nature . . . His Word? How should what we learn change how we live and what we do?

 KLS stands for “Know it, Live it, Share it.” It is vital for every follower of Christ to know what the Word of God teaches, to effectively put that knowledge into practice, and to be able to share His life-changing message with others.  Knowledge that is simply stored in the mind is useless unless it transforms our hearts and our actions.

 There are KLS group offerings for everyone at Greenville First, from toddlers to senior citizens. We encourage everyone at GFA to join a KLS group and let the Word of God transform you in all aspects of who you are!


We meet every Sunday morning at 9am with a variety of classes offered to help you grow.  If you would like more information on what classes we offer or how we can help plug you in in the appropriate class, click here and mark KLS.

"...when you visit them, you visit Me."

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